key = Heartbeat catalog number – title of release – “track title”

HB 3501 Born To Love – Track 5 “I’ll Be Around” is missing with “The New Boss” playing as track 5 and track 8. “The New Boss” is listed as track 8.

HB 47Collectors Edition – “Music Like Dirt” by Lyrics is actually “Girls Like Dirt” by the Lyrics on Coxsone 7″ 45.

HB 68/3607 & 178Observation Station/Reggae’s Greatest Hits & Rock On – “Paymaster” by Gregory Isaacs is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Slave Master” by Isaacs on Thing 7″ 45.

HB 82Kingston Town – “Come Together” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Hold On Joshua” by Exuma McKay on Clandisc 7”.

HB 86/87Ska Bonanza: The Studio One Ska Years – “Bongo Tango” credited to Roland Alphonso is AKA “Down Beat Alley” credited to Don Drummond on 100 Years After LP.  “Always On Sunday,” track 11, disc 1, does not appear.  That track plays “Don’t Slam The Door.” “Roll On Sweet Don,” track 11, disc 2 does not appear.  That track plays “Heaven And Earth.”  

HB 92Lloyd Daley’s Matador Productions 1968-1972 – “Owe Me No Pay Me” is incorrect.  The track is a medley of “Dun Dead Already” into “Owe Me No Pay Me.”  Also, “Bad Name” is not by Creators but by The Creations.  Original release on Matador 7” FLD 7971.

HB 95/96Duke Reid’s Treasure Chest – “I Can’t Stand It” credit to Lloyd Williams is incorrect. It’s by Alton Ellis and Hopeton Lewis.  “Midnight Hour” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Words Of Wisdom” by U Roy on Duke Reid Greatest Hits 7”.  “Ranglin On Bond Street” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Merry Mood” by Tommy McCook &  The Supersonics on Treasure Isle 7”.  

HB 105Ska After Ska After Ska – “Alley Cat Ska” is a fictitious title and a repeat of track #19, “Storm Warning.”  “Only Suffering” by Funny Man and the Boys is a fictitious title and an incorrect credit.  “We Are Suffering” is by Horace Grant & Playboys and was released on Dutchess 7” in 1966, matrix WIRL DR 1567-1.

HB 121Run Come Celebrate– “Old Man River” is by the Silvertones, not the Techniques as credited.

HB 126Treasure Isle Showtime – “Love Is Not A Gamble” is an unlisted bonus track, but it’s #21, which is listed as “On The Beach (Medley)” by the Paragons.

HB 129Swing & Dine – “Far Away Love” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Somewhere” by The Melodians, matrix DR 200-3.  “What More Can I Say” was previously issued on Treasure Isle 7″ and Duke Reid’s Treasure Chest, HB 95/96 as “You Done Me Wrong” by Tyrone Davis [Evans], matrix TIS 244, and by Tyrone And The Slickers, respectively. Another cut of the song was issued on HB 229, By Special Request, as “What More Can I Say” credited to The United Brothers. [Credit and respect to Danny Pepperseed on PAMA Forum for bringing this to my attention.]

HB 178Rock On – “My Heart Is Clean-Gate Number” features Clint Eastwood, not Dillinger as credited.  Booklet photo of  “The Heptones” is incorrect.  The group in the photo is the Mighty Diamonds. Left to right, Lloyd “Judge” Ferguson, Fitzroy “Bunny” Simpson and Donald “Tabby” Shaw.

HB 181/182Respect To Studio 1 – “Roll On Sweet Don” track 16, disc 2, does not appear.  That track plays “Heaven & Earth.”

HB 185/186 – Foundation Ska – “Fidel Castro” repeats in place of “Addis Ababa.”  If you have the corrected edition, issued in 1999, then “Addis” clocks in at 2:28 rather than 3:17 as listed.

HB 188/189Tribute To Jackie Mittoo – “Ska Matic” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Ska Shuffle” by Soul Brothers, matrix CSD 148. “Soul Call” is an incorrect title.  A different track with that title was released on the LP Ride Me Donkey in 1968, with credit to Jackie Mittoo.  That track is on the “Catch The Quinella” rhythm after the song by The Actions.  “Soul Call” on HB 188/189 is previously unreleased and on the rhythm to “Everybody Rude Now” by Keith McCarthy. “Night Doctor” is by Ansel Collins, usually credited to The Upsetters.

HB 230Knock Out Ska – Title track is falsely credited to Don Drummond. It’s by Lynn Taitt And The Comets, and was recorded at Treasure Isle Studio and released on Dutchess 45, matrix WIRL DR 1457-1 in 1966. Stranger Cole’s “My Pussy” is a fictitious title.  Correct title is “Toy Cat” by Stranger Cole on Treasure Isle 7” 45.